It's Good to Be Kneaded.

A Certified 'Knead'

As a licensed massage therapist and proud member of the American Massage Therapy Association, my studies have centered on Swedish, neuromuscular therapy, deep tissue, Thai Table Massage, myofascial release, sports massage and reflexology.

For me, massage is far more than relieving tension & pain. It is holistic, a process of mind & body working together toward a goal of wellness.

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Table the Issues

Massage is a comprehensive therapy.

What we bring with us to the massage table goes beyond muscle or joint pain. We bring our stresses, our anxieties and an excess of frustration—caused by work, family and our daily social interactions.

My positive outlook, intuitive massage skills, laidback demeanor, physical & mental fitness, and my snappy conversation all enhance the benefits of your massage.

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Finding the Right Spot

As a Lancaster, PA native, I have enjoyed the lush landscape and diverse population of this region; Lancaster has been good to me. It is my goal to give back by helping others to discover sustained wellness.

I invite you to find your wellness. From chair massage to table massage, my integrated massage services can accommodate your schedule, a planned corporate visit, or even a special event. Schedule your next massage with Murr Massage. To contact me, directly, click here for e-mail or call [717] 629-4314.


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